Their Cat Grabbed Hold Of A Helpless Ducking — Then Did Something That Made Their Heart Stop

Motherhood knows no bounds. Once a mother always a mother – even if it means taking care of little babies that are not your biological children. Many people think that animals will only love and care for their young. But that isn’t always the case, some animals will take care of babies in need – even if they are a different species.

Take this momma cat and the ducklings. But, wait, you ask – aren’t birds and cats supposed to be enemies?! The little ducklings had been abandoned by their own mother, but this momma cat stepped up and took them under her paw and cared for them. She had a litter of kittens at the time and adding the ducklings was easy – and super adorable! Watch and see for yourself.

The video is “Day 6” of the momma cat feeding her kittens and the ducklings! You won’t find a cuter family than this! Share away, people.