Snowball Fight With Clydesdale Horses Is Hilariously Entertaining

The holidays are here! The stores already have their sales running, as you probably already know Black Friday is next week! People have started to get their holiday shopping done, and meal plans are being made. Did you ever have a snowball fight? It can be fun to pelt someone with a wet snowball – but not as fun to have a snowball hit you!

Clydesdale horses and winter just seem to be connected. Each year Budweiser comes out with a Christmas time ad that probably helps make that connection more real. We all can appreciate a funny ad – but how about a hilarious holiday ad? This Anheuser-Busch ad from 2005 features snow and a few young Clydesdale horses.

Take a look at this video

There isn’t too much more to say other than watch and enjoy this classic commercial and share it with your friends! Happy Holidays! Share away, people!