Marshmallow Samoyed Puppy Gently Tells His Human To Stop All That Whistling

Our animals are definitely a part of the family, and as such, they have their good days, bad days, quirks, and things they love – and don’t love – about their people. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this sassy Samoyed who did his puppy-best to tolerate his human’s off-key and off-kilter whistling, even attempting to join in at first.

But though his name is Echo, this repetitive warbling eventually became too much for even the most starwalt of poochies to possibly endure. Much like a parent who has to hear the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song about five hours every day, you can see just where Echo’s patience snaps and he drops the dynamic duet he was having, and starts letting his human know that the whistling is more torturous than terrific!

Take a look at this video

When it comes down to it, Echo finally gives up and abandons the lap, letting his backend do the rest of the talking as he gets ready to leave the room! Share away, people!