2 Days After Cop Saves Him, Deer Returns To Say Thank You To His Rescuer

Deer are very curious creatures. It is heartbreaking to see a deer laying on the side of the road after being hit by a car. We have a family of deer we that wanders through our backyard every so often and it is a blessing. They mingle among the trees and munch on the leaves and tall grass. A deer in Texas came up to a person’s house, and they ended up calling the police to come help.

The deer had something tangled around it antlers, luckily, Officer Kevin Zieschang was able to help the deer out. Afterward, the deer seemed reluctant to leave, but it eventually did run off into the woods. Two days later, Zieschang was being interviewed by the local media when the deer made a surprise visit!

Take a look at this video!

The deer now called Uncle Buck, came back to thank his rescuer one more time! Share away, people!